Welcome back to Zeitgeist Scotland!

We just wanted to tell you that while we've been away, we've been delving into all things new and impressive in fashion.
The main focus for 2018/2019 is boho chic. It seems to be taking over not only the fashion shows, but also the festivals all over Europe!
Coachella is always a magnet for pseudo-boho hippes, and this year was no exception. Plebs and fashionistas alike flocked to the festival this year in their droves, displaying their funky feathers in usual ethnic vibrance.
Of course, you too can join in the sexy boho-train by getting yourself some glamourous garb from the main online bohemiam fashion retailers. Madam Lulu's is one of the big new names on everyone's lips, due to all their products being sourced directly from the producers in India, Nepal, Pakistan, and the surrounding area. For festival clothing and outfits for 2018 and 2019, you just can't go wrong.